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More Lore

Focused on the Experience and the Atmosphere

We love Minecraft, and we think we can take to the next level. Inspired heavily by Valhelsia Enhanced Vanilla, More Lore is a highly-curated modpack built around the Fabric 1.19.2 ecosystem! There are, however, some notable differences of opinion as far as the creative direction of our pack and the Valhelsia team's pack. Most notably, we want to avoid unnecessary mods, that add little to nothing to the player's experience and focus more on exploration, structures, and organic additions that fit into the Vanilla Minecraft experience.

For more information be sure to check out the Official Modpack Page. You can download the current version of the modpack on Curseforge.

Help for Included Mods

As our mod list grows we will try to keep this list of helpful infomation up to date

Structures and World Generation

Villagers and Mobs


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