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Minecraft 1.18 brought a massive overhaul to world generation. Terralith 2.0 takes that overhaul and turns it up to eleven. This mod is the successor to the original Terralith, but it has been rewritten from the ground up to provide a completely new experience. Terralith adds nearly 100 brand-new biomes, as well as updating almost every vanilla biome with new and improved features. It also includes tons of completely new terrain types - canyons, shattered biomes, floating islands, deep ocean trenches and much, much more.

Caves have been overhauled as well. Terralith's underground is a place with as much variation as the overworld above - there are multiple new cave biomes, new cave shapes, and even caves made completely of the alternative stone types. Terralith's style is designed to have something for everyone. There are plenty of realistic biomes like Yellowstone, Shield and Highlands - but also fantastical places like Skylands, Moonlight Grove and even the elusive Mirage Isles. You'll never run out of new biomes and new experiences to discover.

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