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Emerald Economy

The Economy in Pixelfish revolves around the Emerald, Minecraft's default currency. Emeralds can be earned by finding them in the wild or setting up your own Villager trading spot. A player's balance is determined solely on their ingenuity, patience, and creativity. Precious metals in the game can be converted to Emeralds using the /sell command with the item in their hand.

Current Precious Metal Rates for Sell Command

Players can invoke the /sell command to sell any of the following precious metals, in all craftable forms i.e blocks, nuggets, ingots, for in-game currency anywhere in the world. This is a quick way to transform the precious goods you find to Emeralds. However, keep in mind that these values will fluctuate though and can be affected by the community's market trends.

  • Netherite
  • Diamonds
  • Gold
  • Iron
  • Copper (Ingots only)

Rates can be seen by checking our vanilla page's economy section. We do plan on moving to a Diamond economy in the future and all player balances will be adjusted based on the rate when the transition happens!

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