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Vanilla Server

Powered by PaperMC

Paper is the next generation of Minecraft servers, compatible with Spigot plugins, offering uncompromising performance. It's stupidly fast and contains numerous improvements and optimizations resulting in a significant increase in performance. We stay on the latest stable release as soon as all of our plugins are updated.

An Enhanced Vanilla SMP Experience

Minimal plugins are employed to create more engaging gameplay and to allow a natural evolution of the game world environment that is completely controlled by the players. Our philosophy is true to the old Survival Minecraft mentality. With that in mind, we do employ some game-enhancing plugins that help maintain everything from our in-game economy to land claiming. We also offer multiple worlds and game modes that fit just about any play style.

There are no “pay to win” perks on this server. Every rank and all in-game money can be earned through playing the game.

Getting Started

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