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Plugins & Commands


Command Description
/afk Will mark you AFK (All members are kicked after being AFK for 40 minutes)
/back Will warp you back to the last location before you teleported. Noble and Above can use to teleport to place of death.
/balance or /moneyWill display your emerald bank balance
/balancetop or /baltopCitizen and Above Will display the emerald bank balances ot the top players.
/condenseDrifter and Above All items in your inventory will be condensed into their respective block forms.
/craft or /workbenchCitizen and Above Will open a crafting menu without the need to carry the crafting bench with you.
/delhome [name]Will delete the named home location
/disposal or /trashWill open up a trash can to remove unwanted items from your inventory
/enderchest or /ecMember and Above Gives you access to your Enderchest from anywhere in the world.
/helpDisplay help for a given command or list commands available to you
/home [name]Will teleport you to the selected home location
/mailBuilt in mail system to send and read personal mail to and from other players.
/mute [playername]Will mute a player from your chat. Good for trolls…
/pay [playername] [amount]Pays another player from your balance.
/seen [playername]Will display the last time a certain player was online.
/sellAllows you to sell any of the following for emeralds from anywhere in the world: diamonds, diamond blocks, gold ingots, gold blocks, gold nuggets, iron ingots, iron blocks and iron nuggets.
/sethome [name]Will set a home warp where the player is standing when the command is ran.
/spawnWill teleport you to spawn.
/suicideExactly what it sounds like.
/warp [name]Citizen and Above Allows you to warp to the public warp at a cost of 10 Emeralds.


You can learn more about earning and buying claim blocks and claiming land here

Command Description
/claimslist Lists your current claims and claim block details. Good for finding old claims.
/abandonclaimDeletes the claim you're standing in. Only returns half of the blocks!
/abandonallclaimsDeletes all of your claims. Be Careful!
/buyclaimblocks [number]Will buy additional claim blocks at $0.75 emerald coins per block.
/sellclaimblocks [number]Will sell unused claim blocks at $0.50 emerald coins per block.
/trust [playername]Gives another player permission to edit in your claim.
/untrust [playername]Revokes any permissions granted to a player in your claim.
/accesstrust [playername]Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, and beds.
/containertrust [playername]Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals.
/trustlistLists the permissions for the claim you're standing in.
/trappedGets a player out of a land claim they're if they get trapped inside.
/subdivideclaimsSwitches your shovel to subdivision mode, so you can subdivide your claims.

You can see the full list of GriefPrevention commands here

Claims can be only be established in the main over-world, main nether, and creative world! Claims expire after 90 days of player inactivity. Also, if you are having trouble using basic Redstone items i.e. hoppers, pistons, etc - make sure you are building in claimed space. Global perms prevent certain actions.


A players current rank is displayed before their name in chat. Typing /ranks will display a list of all achievable ranks and their requirements. Once the requirements have been met, players can type /rankup to rank up to the next rank.

Advanced Region Market

Certain areas in the world are available to rent, contract, or purchase. These areas are designated by Moderators and above. Players can setup shops or homes in these areas at a cost. There is a slight difference in how each designated region works.

RentThese areas are rentals which must be re-rented before their expiration. A timers will begin to update on the sign to let the rentor know how long they have left on that property.
ContractContracted area work much like rentals but will autorenew as long as the player has the funds in their account.
BuyBought real-estate is acquired at a flat cost and remains in the possession of the purchaser ad-infinitum. On Pixelfish, claims will be put back up for purchase if the owner has not logged in for over 90 days (No refunds!!).

PixelFish Banking Economy

Getting money in and out of your bank account is pretty straight-forward. You can use the Essentials /sell command to sell any precious metal for Emeralds, but you can get access to your account funds from anywhere in the world using the following commands.

/withdraw [amount]Will withdraw the specified amount from your bank balance. It will automatically group into Emerald blocks for larger numbers and will drop on the ground if your inventory is full.
/deposit [all or hand]The “all” option will deposit Emeralds or Emerald blocks from your inventory into your bank account whereas the “hand” option will only deposit either of those items you are holding in your hand.

PixelFish Stock Exchange

The PixelFish stock exchange is a custom built plugin which integrates with the website. Every day, twice a day, each market price is updated based on realtime player metrics.

/marketsWill list all current stock market prices.
/buyshares [market] [amount]Will buy chosen market shares.
/sharecost [market] [amount]Will let you know how much a specified amount of shares will cost.
/sellsharesWill sell all shares in your hand.
/sharevalueWill let you know how much shares held in your hand will sell for.


Auction off items in game to other players to make some Emeralds! One person's junk could be another person's treasure.

/auction start [amount] [starting price] [increment] [auto-buy] [time]For the amount, you may input a number, “hand,” or “all'.
/auction startsealedHides bids, but uses same parameters as the /auction start command
/auction cancelCancel your current auction.
/auction ignoreIgnore auction messages in chat.
/auction spamIgnore spammy broadcasts from the auction plugin such as time left, anti-snipe, and bids
/auction infoGet information about the current auction.
/auction removeRemove your auction from the queue.
/bid [amount]The command used to bid on auctions. If no amount is specified, it will go to the lowest possible bid
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