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Claiming and Protecting Land

Players can claim up to 200 chunks of land. Claiming land is easiest when done on the world map. You can open the map up using the 'm' key and then right click on a chunk and select “claim selected.” Claiming your land will help prevent griefing from both players and mobs. Claims expire after 365 days of player inactivity. The mod responsible for claims on the server is the Open Parties and Claims mod. The default keybind for the configuration menu is the ' key.

There are also a few commands to help configure default options for your claims, add members to your party, and more.


  /openpac player-config … - player config commands
  /openpac-claims … - everything claim-related
  /openpac-parties … - everything party-related
  /opm - shortcut for the party chat


  ' - open the mod UI. Can be changed in the controls menu.
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