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Server Ranks

Currently there are seven achievable ranks. The system is simple and gameplay is much more inline with survival Minecraft in the beginning. You start without the ability to warp and are only given one home location.

Default Free Warp Commands:

  • /home: Will default to your last bed-synch location
  • /spawn: Will warp you to the main spawn square
  • /creative: Will warp you to the creative spawn
  • /anarchy: Will warp you to the Anarchy world spawn
  • /terralith: Will warp you to the alternate Terralith generated overworld spawn

These are the only free warp commands in the game. As players progress, more home locations can be earned. Only Citizens and above have access to public warps (at a cost). Nobles are the only rank that can create their own warps.


Basic essentials commands and one home location.


In addition to all basic permissions, Drifters gain the ability to use the /condense command to turn all applicable items into blocks. Drifters are allowed two home locations.

  • Have 50 Emeralds in the Bank
  • Playtime of 60 minutes


In addition to all Drifter permissions, members gain the ability to use the portable /ec ender chest command to interact with their ender chest from any location. They also get a total of three home locations.

  • Have 500 Emeralds in the Bank
  • Playtime of 8 hours
  • Rankup command must be initiated in the Nether!


Citizens have access to /warp commands for public warps, the /craft command for a portable workbench, and are allowed five home locations. They can also catch passive mobs with chicken eggs! This is the rank where you really start to see a difference!

  • Pay 1,000 Emeralds for Citizenship Fee
  • Playtime of 16 hours
  • Sacrifice 10 levels of Experience
  • Have a total mob kill count of 200 or more


Nobles have the ability to create their own public warps. Nobles have access to 10 private home locations and unique server regions other players don't have access to. Nobles can silktouch spawners and place them in the world and use /back command to teleport to point of death.

  • Pay 5,000 Emeralds
  • Sacrifice 45 Levels of Experience
  • Have a total mob kill count of 500 or more

Fun Fact: This was originally the highest rank on the server!


Legends gain the unique ability to keep all XP on death thanks to their renown.

  • Have at least 100 levels of Experience


Immortals gain the unique ability to keep their items on death. Requirements:

  • Pay 10,000 Emeralds
  • Sacrifice 100 Levels of Experience
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