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Better End

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This mod adds new biomes into the End and modifying existing ones. Each biome has its own atmosphere, resources and mobs. The sky will have custom outlook with purple nebulas and stars. All biomes have custom music, sounds and effects to make them alive and interesting to explore.BetterEnd have a custom End generator and custom structures for Central Island. With new generator ind islands will have different shapes, terrain, will be on different height. Inside islands you can find caves with unique resources.

  • 24+ new biomes with more added along the way
  • 6 new mobs (with biome variations for some of them)
  • Many new blocks, including 9 wood types and 7 new stone types
  • Many new items, including new food sources, tools, armor and weapons
  • New mechanics like Infusion Rituals, Anvil Recipes, End tool progression and others
  • Integrations with other mods, for example 2 new sub-biomes for BYG biomes (1.16) and some new plants for them
  • Custom End world generator (configurable) with more possibilities than vanilla one
  • Configs for blocks, items, mobs, enchants and many other things
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