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Philips Ruins

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This is one of my favorite additions to the pack. The mod is focused on adding ancient lore to the world and adding more exciting structures to the game. The mod aims to improve the players experience on the ancient history of Minecraft and explaining on exploration. Within the mod also comes colossal undergrounds, as well as nether ruins, and even explaining on the sculk/ Warden's history. Not only does the mod add awesome ruins, but it even includes some custom blocks. Most of these well-made textured blocks can be found in big underground dungeons, or even possibly the nether. Here is a list of some popular blocks that that the creators have added so far.

  • Bone Brick blocks as well as stairs and slabs.
  • Sculk bone bricks blocks as well as stairs and slabs.
  • Fractured bone blocks

The mod even includes some very nice items that you may find spawning in chests. Some of these items can be crafted into the blocks listed above. Below is just a few of the item, but keep in mind that it is not a comprehensive list of all of the blocks and items included in the mod. There is much more in the creative tab!

  • Cracked bone
  • Bone chuck
  • Sculk bone

What is even more exciting about the new structures is that they are all on a spawning tier based. For example, say that you found one of are ruins and it looks small, and it has no chest included, well you just found a level one ruin. But lets say that you found another ruin with a chest included. You open the chest, and it's name is level two ruin's loot. Well that indicates that you found a level two ruin.

Another feature that the mod comes with is a Randomized Loot Table System. Each ruin you come across that has a chest will be randomized. The loot is based off on the ruin's tier level. For example, a lower-level ruin will result in low level loot, but the higher-level ruins will be both harder to find and include a better reward!

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