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Pixtropolis acts as a central hub for all players to share. It is completely created and maintained by the players. There are numerous shops and land available to create anything you can imagine. You can get to the gates by following the path from spawn or by using the, now protected, Nether portal pathway at spawn.

Rules and Considerations

While Pixtropolis is completely open, we do ask that you respect other players' builds. The land has been completely cleared surrounding the middle lake and there is a large circular road to give players a sort of guide on where to build. This can, of course, be expanded as the town grows, but as of now, there is still plenty of space to start a shop or build some cool shared create / redstone contraption with the rest of the server. If you take shared resources, please be considerate as well.

Here's a current overhead map using the Xaero's Minimap mod screen shot:

Create Factory

The create factory offers an autosmelter, washer, and smoker to give you an idea of how create works. There is plenty of space to build inside and you can hook up to the already existing windmill / water power source on the bottom floor. if you want to improve the lab, go right ahead! Just be sure to keep at least these three existing capabilities in place for newer players to use.

Admin Shops

Unlike other servers (or our vanilla one for that matter) there is no in-game currency in use on the Valhelsia Enhanced Vanilla server. Bartering stations can be crafted by players and prices are item-based. Some choose emeralds, other diamonds - it's up to you! There is a small tent containing some admin sales that offer key items at above average prices for those who want to skip some of the grind. The admin shops are maintained by staff and updated periodically to make sure that it stays fair and balanced. This is an SMP after all, and there needs to be some kind of challenge.

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