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Valhelsia Enhanced Vanilla

We are switching packs! The Valhelsia Enhanced Vanilla map will be available for download here soon

Valhelsia Enhanced Vanilla (VEV) is a 1.18.2 adventure/survival pack that stays close to Vanilla game play.

The two biggest things that set it apart from other packs are the look and feel of the game and the LevelZ mod. I'll be honest, it's frustrating when you start out because you have to level up your character to mine certain blocks, use certain tools, weapons, and armor. However, it really does add a level of immersion that is missing from other packs. Another really good feature with VEV is that it doesn't have too many “black box” technology mods. It does come with Applied Energistics and Tech Reborn, but they fit in very nicely and give the player something to strive toward.

This wiki covers some of the basics of getting started and offers a place for players to share in-game community content. Contact AnarchyOf5 on Discord to get Wiki editing access.

Getting Started

Frequently Asked Questions

Problem: I'm having issues connecting!

Solutions: Make sure you have downloaded the added mods we included for our VEV server. There are links on the main modded page to the exact files you need to download manually from CurseForge in the mods added section: Link. If this doesn't apply to you and you are seeing strange random Minecraft blocks at spawn, you likely are connecting to our vanilla server. This happens sometimes with our server's DNS routing. To fix this add the port on the end:

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