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New Worlds. New ways to play!

There are two new worlds available: Creative and Anarchy. Each world has it's own separate inventory so you can't take anything to or from these worlds. The creative world offers a traditional creative mode experience. Claims are still a thing in the creative world, so you will have to claim your spot to have it protected. The anarchy world is just like it sounds - no rules and no holds barred! In the anarchy map PvP is enabled and there is no Dynmap to help you get around. This map is intended for those who like to play in groups or factions and want a real hardcore minecraft experience. Grief prevention is not enabled in the anarchy world!

Currently, there are two other maps, one of which is open to players right now if they can find the key. The Nightworld is a scary and challenging place with a lot of enemies and cool places to visit. The Nightworld places you in adventure mode, so you can't break any blocks. Another adventure mode map is being developed that focuses on dungeon crawling and puzzles. Each adventure map offers you the ability to gain explorer tokens the longer you explore. You can redeem these tokens later for rewards. More info will be pushed out soon. Be sure to checkout the server locations page for more details!

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