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Mod Pack Progress

We've been making some headway on getting our modpack ready for an official release, hopefully by January. We're still waiting on KubeJS version 6 to fully mature into something usable to iron out the recipe and item conflicts with a couple of our mods. Offline testing is going good so far and our modpack is shaping up into a proper Enhanced Vanilla experience! As mentioned before, the intent at this time is to get this out into the community for testing and feedback by January 2023. The pack will be released on Curseforge as a client-only pack at first. After we've ironed out any major issues, we plan on pushing out a server pack version, hopefully by May or June, depending on player feedback. Today we pushed out the current list of mods so current players can get an idea of where we're going with this pack.

Check out the current list of mods

Pending development on Valhelsia Enhanced Vanilla, we “may” move our modded server over to our own pack - but that is a big maybe. Valhelsia 5 was released recently and as of this article, Enhanced Vanilla hasn't been updated since 11 Sep. It would seem the Valhelsia team is probably also waiting for KubeJS 6 to mature, as all of their current, notable mods have already been ported to 1.19. As with any large change, we respect our players feedback! So, let your voice count and let us know what you think either here on the site or on our official Discord channel.

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