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1.18.1 is now Live!

1.18.1 went live today! All plugins were updated and the only issue so far is the Holographic Displays plugin for our floating text markers. This isn't much of a concern for us at the moment, so we will be waiting patiently until the devs update it to support 1.18. As for the current world, you will now see newly generated caves beneath old chunks. Preliminary inspection shows that everything went smoothly! The only real issue we have encountered from updating is chunk loading performance. This is likely due to Paper not being fully optimized and will probably become negligible when we move to our new dedicated host later this month. As for a new map, yes, we have started working on the new map. The current plan is to keep Map 1 around until July or August 2022 so players have time to move into the new world. The new map will be open for players in mid to late January. The current Nether and End will be reset at that time (July or August 2022) so portals will properly link. Until then, that functionality will not work as intended since the new map will remain a stand alone Multiverse world up until moving it up to prime time. If you encounter any issues, let us know by opening a ticket in game or using our contact form here on the site.

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