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We're making a mod pack!

Get ready, because we're making a mod pack for Fabric! This, as of now, un-named pack takes heavy inspiration from the Valhelsia team's work on their Enhanced Vanilla pack, which we currently host, but it sets itself a part with loads of new structure mods and other “1.19.2-centric” gameplay enhancements. We really want to dial in that Vanilla+ feel on this one and keep it as close to Vanilla as possible. However, we are hoping to enhance all those “Minecraft-isms” to keep the pack inline with what we think Minecraft should be - staying true to in-game lore and overall atmosphere. The pack's focus is on exploration, adventure, and the overall look and feel of the game. It is currently in beta-testing, and we have more pack setting tweaks still in the queue. The first release will most likely be a client-side only pack, but we will eventually move our modded server to our own pack in the not so distant future. We are still waiting for the last, must-have element in the stack to fall into place - the Create mod. Once we get close to release, we will put the Kubejs and config settings on Github. The transition for our current server won't be too drastic, but AE2 and TechReborn are currently not in this pack, nor are they planned to be. There will be a new modpack section here on the site and on our Discord to cover the development process and announce server transition timelines. A complete list of mods will be released soon, but currently, the pack is running 138 mods with more planned. If you have questions, make sure to hit us up on Discord!

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