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The More Lore Modded Server is Here

After four months of toiling and lots of whitelisted server testing, I think now is a good time to say we are running at a pretty stable level. We'll continue to work out the bugs and make sure mods interact with each other in a logical way, but for the most part, More Lore is in a very respectable place at the moment. I'd like to thank the players who helped play test on the whitelisted server. Your feedback really helped to iron out some of the bugs and resulted in some new functionality we didn't originally plan for. I expect the current map to run for the next 2-3 years.

The current plan is to gradually expand the map to capture any new biome or structure mod enhancements and chunk load as we expand. I will be expanding the map on a monthly basis, but I do not expect to make any major changes to the pack for the next few months. If you don't follow us on Discord, make sure you check out the new map! It's an interactive map which lets you see the world flat, in 3d or even in spectator mode!

Looking for a couple Moderators

I'm looking for a couple good people to act as mods for the modded server. Being that the server is not that busy, it won't require much of your time, but it will get you some extra perks! If you're interested, let me know. Obviously, you should have a decent amount of play time and be able to work with world edit and this wiki.

Donations are Welcomed

Pixelfish costs about $60 USD per month to operate. We don't do huge, pay to win, packages, but if you like the community there are multiple ways to give back. You can select from one of our tiered reward packages, become a vip, or just throw us some change. Every little bit helps us make the server better. Thanks for playing and I look forward to seeing all the cool stuff you guys build! I'll see you in game.

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