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Community notes for October 2023

It's been a while since I've posted an update, so here's where we are at as of October 2023:

  • The Vanilla server is again, open to the public
  • All the vanilla voting sites have been updated
  • We are now on version 1.20.2 and all relevant plugins have been updated
  • The ability to silk touch spawners has been removed until I find a replacement or make one myself
  • The vanilla map is no more and will not be returning

Map One is Staying (Vanilla)

Thanks to the migration, we now have an almost unlimited amount of resources to play with! So, I will be keeping Map One as a permanent fixture for the time being. There is a portal at Spawn to get back there. With this, I also opened up the ability to set warps and home locations there as well.

More Lore is getting an update

Version 1.0.16 of the pack is right around the corner and currently has over 650 downloads! With this update, I am tweaking some of the mod configuration distributed in the pack. Somewhere along the way, when the server pack was pushed out, I made a mistake and overwrote some old configuration settings - so now I have to fix it. The server pack has been skipping some updates due to an annoyance on Curseforge's side. Basically, each time I update the pack, I have to open a ticket to prevent it from being denied by the automated system. There is some kind of issue on their side, which ultimately delays the release and wastes time. I intentionally made the pack, as a whole, easy to deploy on your own server; The only real exclusives to the server pack are BlueMap, WorldEdit, and a convenient startup script.

Dungeons and Adventure Content (Vanilla)

We're working on new dungeons and adventure content on the new map a'la map one's three challenging locations. These cool spots will offer challenges and pretty cool rewards for those who find and take them on. One will be near spawn and will offer ways ( a compass ) to find the others. As you may have noticed, I removed the DYNMAP - so finding locations is going to be more “engaging.” We really love what TangoTek did with DeckedOut2 on the Hermitcraft server, so we are working on similar mini game ideas to spice it up and get some healthy competition on the server!

That's all for now! Hopefully, 1.21 brings some new content too!

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