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1.18 and a New Map

Once 1.18 officially drops on Paper, we will upgrade the current main world to take advantage of the new “sub-bedrock” generation. The new map will be available, simultaneously, as a separate world. The new map will take full advantage of all the new Caves and Cliffs updates and provide the new terrain generation areas for players to build in. Notices will be shot out on Discord and here on the site as our creative team gets close to finishing the new Spawn and Pixtropolis areas letting players know to migrate their stuff. During this transition, the Nether and Main End will remain unaffected. Once we migrate to the new map, the End and the Nether will be reset and the current world will be provided as a world download. For all questions and concerns, contact us here on the site, on Discord, or in-game. This is going to be exciting!

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